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Breathtakingly Beautiful Real Wax Led Candles Online

Flameless Real Wax Led Candles 

12 Colour Change Wireless Remote Candles

Perfect for all events! Buy Direct & Save!


What's different about, candles. Firstly there is no compromise on quality.
You will only get something that we would be happy to receive. BBCANDLESONLINE.COM don't sell you a set of candles and look at you as if we want your money, like some other businesses. 
In fact many times we give away free candles and batteries to customers just because we want to create happiness for ourselves by making you happy.
We give you an experience the same experience we feel each and every time we turn on a set of Breathtakingly Beautiful Candles. We care about you our customers as we do about our friends as we now have something in common we see beauty and experience happiness and joy.

When you purchase from you get to share this experience with those you love and care for and the cycle continues.

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FREE shipping in Australia Only 
Postage cost to other countries will be calculated separately. 
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to find out shipping cost for your country.

Contact us to BUY in BULK & SAVE a HUGE AMOUNT!

Breathtakingly Beautiful Candles Online sell the very highest quality, longest life Led Wax Candles with a lifespan of 50,000 hours that's 5.7 years! Each candle is hand-made and this is what creates such beauty as this is unique, compared to mass production out there. You are buying candles made with care and love

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Yes our pictures are original and our product looks exactly as it does in real life as it does in the photos, so you can be sure you will receive a product as beautiful as it looks in a photo, browse our photo gallery or view our video below to see our breathtakingly beautiful led wax candles in action!

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Family Safe No Fire Danger!i! NO FLAME!

Thank you for supporting an Australian business
10% of all profits are donated to charity to help support people in need in Australia and around the world. And its thanks to you that we can do this.

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Including FREE Batteries!

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Product shipped same day its paid! Now that is good service!

Each set includes Three Wax Led Candles ranging from;
  • Small approximately; 10cm Height, Width 6cm. 
  • Medium approximately; 13cm Height, Width 6cm.
  • Large approximately;  15cm Height, Width 6cm.
Includes Wireless 12 Colour Change Remote Control

Description & Functionality;
  • Real Wax candle (not plastic) 
  • Non- Scented
  • 4 hour timer mode (on off function)
  • 8 hour timer mode (on off function)
  • 3x AAA battery operation per candle 
  • Long battery life (can use rechargeable) 
  • On off switch power preservation
  • Led light replaces traditional flame
  • Lite and mobile for easy movability
  • Multicolour function
  • Colour change via wireless remote
  • 12 colour Led colour change candles
  • Flicker mode for real flame effect
  • Solid mode for solid colour 

Each candle is made of real wax and is non-toxic

(safe for the whole family).

Simple operation via your wireless remote, control t
imer mode select from 4hour to 8 hours timer mode, when you get home from work you have your beautiful candles ready to de-stress you from your long day. All this with a push of a button.
  • No more flames
  • No more burns
  • No more house fires from candles
  • No more worrying if your children knock them over
  • No more wasting money on electricity, create a lovely atmosphere that saves you money and creates beauty
  • No more wasting money on other candles that last only hours

Breathtakingly Beautiful Candles stay bright up to 50,000 hours, that's 5.7 years!
You can also choose to set the candles to a solid colour or a flicker mode to give the illusion of a real flickering flame.

Change colours to suit your mood

Don't know what you're feeling! Choose to set each candle individually or select multi options and watch the candles change colours progressively and show off their beauty.

Want to de-stress set your candles to a calm blue.

Feeling bright and full of energy set the colour to sunlight yellow.

Feeling the love set your candles to romantic red, and watch how your loved one reacts to the beauty and enchanting alluring scent and beauty of bbc.

We supply for functions and events

such as;

  • Party atmosphere
  • Wedding functions
  • Kids rooms
  • Lounge rooms
  • Romantic home dinners
  • Restaurant Dinners
  • Romance in the bedroom
  • These candles attract attention and beautify each environment.
please contact us via contact page tab above to get a special deal for larger orders for your events or functions
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Please visit our charity goals group and support our dreams, we can't do it without you.

We at BBC-Breathtakingly Beautiful Candles, believe that everyone deserves to share in the beauty and joy that our candles emit.

We hope you love them as much as we do.

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We are an Australian Registered Business by 
Australian Securities & Investment Commision ASIC

Breathtakingly Beautiful Candles