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Product Info & Instructions

BBCO Breathtakingly Beautiful Candles Online


WIRELESS 12 Colour Change REMOTE Control CANDLES

Material product and Manufacturing Capacity;
·       Made of real wax (Paraffin- non toxic materials) based on the fact it is flameless
·       Led light replaces traditional wick, no fire danger
·       Led is concealed within the candle housing so no danger to children
·       Base of candle AAA battery operation covered by a cover to ensure safe operation and has a clip to secure it.
·       Manufacturing- 10,000 sets of candles (30,000 candles) per month.
·       Product includes 3 x Led Wax Candles (AAA batteries included) with 1x wireless remote control for settings and colour functions (including 1x CR2025 3V Lithium battery)
·       Product comes in self-contained box with polystyrene protective insert to house the candles and remote, for safe storage until next use.

Product in Polystyrene casing for protection against damage

Batteries inserted here with battery diagram for correct insert instructions

Wireless remote control with plastic covering for protection & pull label for operation and activation of battery

Operation instructions with wireless remote control

Each set includes three wax led candles ranging from;
·                Small approximately 12cm Width, 10cm Height
·                Medium approximately 12cm Width, 13cm Height
·                Large approximately 12cm Width, 15cm Height

Description & Functionality;
  • Real Wax candle (not plastic) 
  • Non- Scented (scented candles are not as long lasting and confuse the palate of ones mouth if placed in food environment).
  • 4 hour timer mode (on off function)
  • 8 hour timer mode (on off function)
  • 3x AAA battery operation per candle 
  • Long battery life (can use rechargeable) 
  • On off switch power preservation
  • Led light replaces traditional flame
  • Mobile and sturdy for easy movability
  • Multicolour function (Press mode on the remote and watch the candles go through separate colours as it cycles through the colours)
  • Colour change via wireless remote
  • 12 colour Led colour change candles  
  • Flicker mode for real flame effect
  • Solid mode for solid colour 
  • Candles can be set different colours individually by facing one away as you pick it up select the colour on the remote
  • On/ Off switch for battery preservation (Rechargeable batteries can be used, not recommend, dispose of rechargeable batteries as they can leak alkaline after many uses likewise with other batteries). 
  • Try not to Leave batteries in device for over 3-7 days as this may affect the battery terminals, as alkaline can leak from the batteries. 
  • If product stops responding or flashes red, correctly replace candle batteries with new batteries turn off and turn back on.

Why Led Candles by Breathtakingly Beautiful Candles Online?
·                No more flames
·                No more having to relight bbco-candles never blow out
·                No more burns
·                No legal issues with safety breaches or court cases as
           candles are real  but flame is an LED light that is very realistic
·                No more house fires from candles
·                No more worrying if your children knock them over
·                No more wasting money on other candles that last only hours
·                No more wasting money on electricity with other flashing expensive led lights, create a lovely atmosphere that saves you money and creates beauty

Each candle is made of real wax and is non-toxic
(safe for the whole family).

Simple operation via your wireless remote, control timer mode select from 4hour to 8 hours timer mode, when you get home from work you have your beautiful candles ready to help you relax from your long day. Perfect for functions such as school events, weddings, parties and all events, as flameless candles are safe and no fire or legal action can be taken because they are 100% safe so every event will allow such candles.

All this with a push of a button on your wireless remote control.
Breathtakingly Beautiful Candles stay bright up to 50,000 hours, that's 5.7 years!

You can also choose to set the candles to a solid colour or a flicker mode to give the illusion of a real flickering flame.

Change colours to suit your mood
Don't know what you're feeling! Choose to set each candle individually or select multi options and watch the candles change colours progressively and show off their beauty. Want to distress set your candles to a calm blue.
Feeling bright and full of energy set the colour to sunlight yellow.
Feeling the love set your candles to romantic red, and watch how your loved one reacts to the beauty and enchanting alluring scent and beauty of bbco-breathtakingly beautiful candles online

Great for functions 
·                Party atmosphere
·                Wedding functions
·                Kids rooms
·                Lounge rooms
·                Romantic home dinners
·                Restaurant Dinners
·                School events no safety issue and saving money in the long term
                as traditional candles waste away
·                These candles attract attention and beautify each environment.

We at BBCO-Breathtakingly Beautiful Candles Online believe that everyone deserves to share in the beauty and joy that our candles emit.

We hope you love them as much as we do.

Owner operator of Breathtakingly Beautiful Candles;

ABN: 24901 974 547
ASIC: Australian Securities & Investment Commission Registered Business
Exclusive Agent Agreement offered to me by the manufacture of BBCO-Breathtakingly Beautiful Candles Online –Led Wax Candle’s

Breathtakingly Beautiful Candles